Welcome to my blog!

I’ve had a blog. I’ve gotten rid of said blog. I’ve had a new blog. I’ve gotten rid of said blog. Repeat.

I feel like the older I get the more I’m not sure where I see myself in the world wide web + social media space. But what I do know is that I love being here!

If you follow me on Insta – you know that I love sharing about being two time surrogate + paying off $191,433 of debt + all things Mark and Dustin. We love to cook together, hiking as a family, the occasional round of golf and are set to be debt free in 2021.

I was born and raised in Florida with a couple four year stints in Washington state and California. Then back to Florida. Dustin and I met in 2009 in Jacksonville, Florida where he was going to college and I was working.

We then moved to Texas in 2012. Got married in 2014. Honeymooned in 2015. Had Mark in 2016. Had our first surro baby (no relation to us) in 2019 and are set to have our second surro baby (also no relation to us) in 2021.

We are working towards getting out of debt right now. Our next big financial move after debt freedom will be saving for our first house!

Follow along as I share alllll the things!

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