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Welcome to taking KARA myself where you can meet me, Kara…a wife, mom, student and 2x surrogate. I share life with a family of 3, budget friendly ideas and all things health, fitness, food and more.

I’ve had a blog. I’ve gotten rid of said blog. I’ve had a new blog. I’ve gotten rid of said blog. Repeat.

In the beginning years of my 30’s I haven’t been quite sure of, not only, what I want to do in my life, but also where I see myself in the social media space. What I do know is this… I love sharing all things family + food + fitness + surrogacy + sooooo much more! I’ve made so many great connections online, and I don’t want to give that up!

Family photos at the Silos in Prosper, TX – September 2020

If you follow me on Insta – you know that I love sharing about being two time surrogate + working towards paying off $191,433 of debt + all things Mark and Dustin. We love to cook together, go hiking as a family and find adventures on weekends. Our life has changed drastically in the past several months with…

  • Me going on hospital bedrest in Connecticut as a second time surrogate
  • Making the decision to quit my full-time job to go back to school to obtain my Bachelor’s in Elementary Education
  • Spending the summer with Mark to make up for lost time
  • Pausing our debt snowball per the above

I was born and raised in Florida with a couple four year stints in Washington state and California. Then back to Florida. Dustin and I met in 2009 in Jacksonville, Florida where he was going to college and I was working.

We then moved to Texas in 2012. Got married in 2014. Honeymooned in 2015. Had Mark in 2016. Had our first surro baby, Benjamin, (no relation to us) in September 2019 and our second surrogate baby, Dallas, in April 2021.

Our debt snowball is paused as we are now a one income family while I finish my Bachelor’s in Elementary Education. Follow along as I share life as a family of three, budget friendly ideas and all things health, fitness, food and more.

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