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Dustin and I have been together for 12 years, this December 21. We’ve seen some amazing times. Lots of great dates, plenty of fun vacations, a wedding, a baby and so much more. It took us being together for 10 years before we had professional photos taken.

Yep – you heard me right…we got married and didn’t even have professional photos. We had other things on our mind – like saving for a Hawaiian honeymoon. (TOTALLY worth it!)

September 2020 | Family Photos at the Silos in Prosper, TX

However, since our first photo shoot last September, we’ve also done a mommy+me shoot, another family shoot and then a just me photoshoot.

Finding the Photographer

Our first family photographer we found through a local McKinney Moms Facebook group. It worked out perfect! And, we LOVE our pictures! Our second photographer that Mark and I used is a former coworker of mine. We’ve now had her take our photos twice!

Then the next one I found from a friend of a friend on Instagram. She lives in Virginia, but is from Texas. So when I saw that she was doing photos in Texas, I jumped right on it!

February 2021 | Mommy+Me, McKinney, TX

Go for the Mini Shoot

Here’s the biggest tip I can give you if you have a reluctant husband and a rambunctious five year old.


We’ve had a 30-minute, a 15-minute and two 10-minute photoshoots. We’ve loved every picture received. And, have had the most luck with the 10-minute ones. Dustin is “not into” photos, but I can persuade him to do anything for 10 minutes and it’s quite painless. Same with Mark.

November 2021 | Family Photos in McKinney, TX

Wear What You Have

If you want to make it even more budget-friendly, then along with just opting for the mini shoot, wear what you have. You do not need to be all matchy-matchy just because X-Y-Z influencer online is. The only shoot I purchased a new shirt for was the mommy+me one, and it was a $12 heart sweater.

Create a Sinking Fund

I like to do one to two photoshoots a year. Typically around the Christmas timeframe, but then also a just because one. I’ve paid between $100-$200 for these shoots. I’ve never regretted it either. We’ve even ordered some photos on canvases to hang up in our living room. Again, no regrets!

I also HIGHLY recommend spoiling yourself with a solo photoshoot too! I had my first one in November, and I love the pictures! So many great headshots and just fun photos of ME! It was a blast and something I plan on doing again in the future!

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