You know all those apps I share with you? Well, below are my links for you to join! Some of these do provide me rewards points or bonus dollars if you use my link. For the most part – if I get some rewards, so do you!

Let me know if you have any questions!

Fetch – click here to download app

When I say this is the easiest app to use…I MEAN… this is the easiest app to use! You can snap a picture of all of your receipts for 5 rewards points; but the grocery store, pharmacy stores and big box stores like Target and Walmart almost always get you extra points. Just last week I scored 1337 points from Target. I’ve earned over $200 in gift cards just from snapping pics of my receipts!

Field Agent – click here to download app

Think of this one like a mystery shopper. You login to the app to see available jobs. When you select them, you go to the store or job location and complete the job. You might be required to take pictures of certain products, buy and try products or just do an online ticket survey. Each job has a “bounty” that gets paid to you once the job is complete. I’ve made almost $1000 by having this app! – click here to shop my links

I am very new in the world of with linking up products. I am figuring out where I fit in the blogging space. I try to only share items that I am truly passionate about. Anytime you click a link in my, I make a small commission. Typically between 1-3%.Sometimes more, depending on the product.

Rakutenclick here to download app

If you’re planning on doing online shopping, sign up for Rakuten! You search for the store you want to shop at, and go through Rakuten’s site to get to that site, and BAM, you get a percentage of your purchase back through Rakuten. Checks or PayPal deposits are made once a quarter.

Raise – click here to download app

This app is the most underrated! Are you looking to go out to dinner or order takeout? Go to the Raise app first to see if there are any discounted gift cards! If there are no discounted gift cards, there might be a chance to earn Raise Cash, which can be used towards future purchases. I buy Hulu gift cards, Southwest gift cards, Buca di Bepo and Buffalo Wild Wings ones quite frequently.

Ibotta – click here to download app

Think of this app like a mobile coupon app. You get money back for purchasing certain products. Lots of times there are overlap in items that might be on Fetch, Field Agent and Ibotta. Once you get to $20 earned, you can cash out to your PayPal or get a gift card!

1st Phorm – click here to get FREE shipping

This one is not an app. This link takes you to 1st Phorm’s website where you can get free shipping using the above link. The products I use religiously are the greens, protein powders and bars and the prenatal vitamins. Then when I am not pregnant, I use their multivitamins and pre-workout.