Welcome to my blog!

Welcome to taking KARA myself where you can meet me, Kara…a wife, mom, student and 2x surrogate. I share life with a family of 3, budget friendly ideas and all things health, fitness, food and more.

I’ve had a blog. I’ve gotten rid of said blog. I’ve had a new blog. I’ve gotten rid of said blog. Repeat.

In the beginning years of my 30’s I haven’t been quite sure of, not only, what I want to do in my life, but also where I see myself in the social media space. What I do know is this… I love sharing all things family + food + fitness + surrogacy + sooooo much more! I’ve made so many great connections online, and I don’t want to give that up!

Family photos at the Silos in Prosper, TX – September 2020

If you follow me on Insta – you know that I love sharing about being two time surrogate + working towards paying off $191,433 of debt + all things Mark and Dustin. We love to cook together, go hiking as a family and find adventures on weekends. Our life has changed drastically in the past several months with…

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